Do you often find your day overshadowed by the discomfort of bloating and the unpredictable challenges of IBS? You're not alone.

Woman in bed, bloated

Almost a million people in Austria suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.1

IBS is a common digestive disorder affecting millions worldwide, characterized by a range of symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. Living with IBS can be a daily challenge, impacting not just physical well-being but also quality of life.

Your health originates in the gut.

Gut microbiota is essential for many processes in your body. It contributes to digestion, nutrient absorption, the synthesis of essential vitamins and protection against harmful pathogens.

Gut health,

Meet Vitabiotik, a revolutionary supplement with combination of postbiotics and vitamins in one thin film.

  • 100 billion cells of Lactobacillus plantarum prevent harmful bacteria and diseases in your gut, improving your overall well-being.
  • Combining vitamins D, B, C, and postbiotics elevates your immunity to a new level. It enhances immune responses to antigens and strengthens your body's natural defenses.

Benefits in and
beyond your gut.

90% of customers would recommend Vitabiotik to someone looking for a daily probiotic.

  • 100 billion beLP1 postbiotic cells
  • Directly activate more immune cells
  • Most clinically studied bacteria strain
  • No known side effects
  • Easy to consume, store and carry

“I've been on a quest to improve my gut health, and Vitabiotik has been a game-changer!”

“The most effective formula I've ever seen in the microbiome world.”

“Vitamed has created a superstar product with postbiotics for a happy gut and so much more.”

30 years of development

Made of the most clinically-researched bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum, Vitabiotik is your ultimate health solution, demonstrating its significant benefits to well-being.

Support your gut

Vitabiotik helps with keeping the gut's environment healthy and balanced, aiding digestion and lessening bloating.

Boost your immune system

Supports the immune system's function, ensuring effective protection and resilience against infections and diseases.

Reduce inflammation

Anti-inflammatory properties effectively reduce recurrent abdominal pain and cramps.

Improve your mood

Enhances mental well-being by supporting gut health and providing essential B vitamins.

Get more energy

Improves gut health to lessen discomfort and fatigue, boosting energy and well-being.

Get better sleep

Contributes to reducing stress and anxiety by relieving physical symptoms allowing you to sleep better.

to endure

Thin Film Technology

Our thin film safeguards viability through digestion to deliver the maximum starting dose to your colon.

  • Dissolves 30x faster
  • 100% apsorption
  • Suitable for immunocompromised
  • Unaffected by heat or stomach acid
  • Take it without water nor swallowing
  • No refrigeration needed

Made from Kimchi

The main ingredient of Vitabiotik, Lactobacillus plantarum, is extracted from fermented kimchi, a spicy Korean dish made from vegetables such as Napa cabbage. The fermentation process of kimchi produces various postbiotics, including Lactobacillus plantarum.

Lactobacillus plantarum beLP1

100 billion CFU

Vitamin D

20 µg

Vitamin B1


Vitamin B6


Vitamin C



Gluten and allergen free

Clinically studied ingredients

Third party tested

Experts on postbiotics

Dr Kiefer

Prof. Dr. Florian Kiefer

Prof. Dr. Florian Kiefer

“Postbiotics have similar health benefits to prebiotics and may even surpass them in some cases. Moreover, they are considered safer and more stable than live bacteria.”

Dr Verhaz

Prof. Dr. Antonija Verhaz

Head of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, UKCRS

“Maintaining the health of the gut microbiome is essential for the body's overall immune response. Vitabiotik fights pathogenic bacteria and harmful toxins much faster.”

Dr Shin

Prof. Dr. Hyun-Dong Shin

CTO, Bereum

“I recommend Vitabiotik because there are very strong clinical studies that confirm it can improve health levels in everyday life.”

Order Vitabiotik

Clinically studied heat-treated probiotics with 100 billion bacteria cells and a daily dose of vitamins D, B and C to support your gut health.

10-Day Supply

1 pack



€1,99 per serving

Kickstart your well-being with a 10-day postbiotic boost


1-Month Supply

3 packs


€53,73 €59,70

€1,79 per serving

Take the next step towards balanced digestion and a healthy gut

Free shipping

Best Value

3-Month Supply

9 packs


€143,28 €179,10

€1,59 per serving

Maximize your health benefits with long-lasting immune support

Free shipping



Gluten and allergen free

Clinically studied ingredients

Third party tested

5 stars

“Vitabiotik changed my life. I can now enjoy meals without the dread of discomfort”

5 stars

“Finally, a product that delivers on its promise. Bloat is a thing of the past.”

5 stars

“Vitabiotik is the industry leader in the area of postbiotics so it's no coincidence that it's the best supplement I have ever used.”

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1. Globale Prävalenz des Reizdarmsyndroms nach den Rom-III- oder Rom-IV-Kriterien: Eine systematische Übersicht und Meta-Analyse - PubMed

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